The Weekend

My weekend, in a sentence: lots of good food and biking, served with a small side of crappy running.

My weekend, in a blog post:

Despite the gross, rainy weather that has graced New York City this week, the past two days have been relatively sunny and warm, if a little sticky. Yesterday (amid humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife) I biked over to Williamsburg to meet up with my friend R- at Smorgasburg, a giant outdoor food festival that’s held in East River State Park every Saturday. My mom raved about the festival last summer, but I was working at a sleepaway camp all summer so I never got a chance to check it out. It was definitely worth the wait. Though super crowded (it seemed like every hipster within a 10 mile radius had shown up for his or her share of bite-sized, organic, locally grown ethnic food), the sheer array of foods available was amazing. I was tempted by everything from papusas to pie. Unforunately, it was so hot and sticky that I didn’t really feel like eating much, so instead I got a delicious strawberry, mango and coconut smoothie, which I sipped on as R- and I wandered around the park and up to Bedford Ave. to look in the stores and people watch.

By the time I got home the sky was gearing up for a thunderstorm, and all of a sudden I was seized by the urge to go for a run in the rain. My right knee has been feeling very sore all week and I hadn’t really been planning on running yesterday, but if there was going to be a thunderstorm, I wanted to be out frolicking in it. So I laced up my Adrenalines and headed out to Prospect Park. My knee was pretty cranky the whole time, and between the gross heat and general achey-ness it felt like I was I was inching along, but midway through I got my wish and the rain started coming down. By the time I got home I was SOAKED (and ready to stop running!) but happy. I love summer rainstorms.

Super awkward looking picture of me, post-rainy run. Sorry about the see-through white tanktop. Didn’t really think that one through before heading out… 

Unfortunately, my legs were NOT so pleased. My knee felt very sore the entire time, and on top of that, when I woke up this morning I had a horrible, cramp-y pain in my left calf. I don’t really know how to describe it. It feels like the muscle there has seized up, but no amount of massaging it has been able to make the pain go away. It kind of hurts when I walk and REALLY hurts when I run. I’m hoping it’s some kind of fluke thing and that it’ll all be better in the morning. In the meantime, I have tried icing, tiger balm, and massaging with a baseball. Here’s hoping one of them works.

Since I clearly wasn’t going to be able to go on my planned long run today, I decided to head out for a long bike ride instead (biking, along with vegging out on the couch and watching TV, does not appear to be something that aggravates whatever it is that’s going on in my calf). I have a 6-year old commuter bike that I used to use to bike to school in high school, which is not really ideal if you’re trying to bike for exercise, but it’s a trusty old clunker and I love it nonetheless. Today, I trekked across the Brooklyn Bridge and up the West SideHighway through Riverside Park to the GW Bridge (where I made a hour-long pit stop to read and enjoy the nice weather).

Then I headed back down to Central Park (I made another pit stop here to meet up with my friend V- and get a waffle with cookie butter from the truck in Columbus Circle – YUM!), and then back down along the Hudson River, over the Brooklyn Bridge and home again. All told, it was 31 miles. Not bad for a clunky commuter bike and a girl who hasn’t ridden in the city in almost a year!

To top it all off, when I got home one of my best friends from high school came over and helped me bake for a picnic my mom and I are going to tomorrow. We made lemon ginger cookies and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Because I’m lazy, there are no photos.

How have you been enjoying your Memorial Day weekend? Any idea what that cramp in my calf might be? Do you like to bike when you can’t run? 


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I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

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