V is for Victory

Today was a victory kind of day. Victory over what, you may ask?

1. My International Trade final: It went pretty well (I think — at any rate, I drew all my graphs in colored pencil which has to give me some bonus points, right?), and never again (or at least, not until next semester, when I have to take International Finance) will I have to care about the welfare effects of subsidies with imperfect competition, cross-border externalities, anti-dumping legislation or the Uruguay round.

Don’t know what any of those things are? Good. You’re better off that way.

2. The Tempo Run. Yes, it gets capitalized, like God and Capitalism, because it is THAT big a presence in my life. The Tempo Run is not just a workout, it’s a proper noun. Tempo Runs scare me. They shouldn’t, because they (much like my I-Trade final, always turn out far better than I expected them to. But nevertheless, my weekly Tempo Run manages to have me bonkers off my rocker (that is totally a real phrase that people say — or maybe not) by the time it rolls around.

But not this time. I set out on this run with very low expectations for myself. I had just sat through a two hour long exam, so my main goal was more to clear my head than to break any kind of speed record. I aimed to do eight miles total — a warmup mile, two miles fast, a chill-out mile at regular easy run pace, and then three miles faster, with a cooldown mile to finish it off. I wasn’t really sure what “fast” and “faster” were going to mean. 8:30 min/mile and 8:15 min/mile? 8:15 and 8:00? Somewhere around there, if I was feeling alright.

Well, I was definitely feeling something…

Holy cow! Where did those splits come from? Since when can I run three consecutive sub-8 miles? WHAT? I don’t even know what happened here. Did someone put drugs in my lunch?

(You can ignore lap 9 on this — I had some technology struggles while attempting to read my splits to my mom over the phone.)

This is kind of hard to believe, but I think that I must have gotten faster while training for my marathon. It seems counter intuitive, because I felt like I was doing all of my running SO SLOWLY while I was training, and I basically cut out all speedwork except for the occasional “I-got-roped-into-running-with-a-friend-who’s-much-faster-than-me” type deal, but I guess that running that volume really did help my endurance, which in turn improved my speed.

I just felt so good on this run. I felt like the girl in this photo, like it was just me and the pavement and the oxygen in the air. Everything was tuned out, only the run existed. I barely even looked at my watch during those last three fast miles. Something just clicked, and I ran better than I’ve ever run before. It was an incredible feeling. I love running. I love running fast. That Sub-24 minute 5K goal I talked about after the marathon? I’m gonna crush it like a bug.

Alright, excited, endorphins-induced rant over. I think it’s time to take a shower and chill out a bit. And maybe study for my next final? Maybe? Though honestly, who needs an A in Comparative Political Systems when you can run 3 miles in 23 minutes?

And on that humble note, Do you like running tempo runs? Have you ever run faster than you thought you were capable? Do you know anything about comparative politics, and if yes, would you like to take my final for me tomorrow? I can’t offer money, but I can bribe you with baked goods!


About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

4 responses to “V is for Victory”

  1. Kelly says :

    love tempo runs and love that they’re beneficial for all kinds of training. Nice work, lady! good luck on your final!

  2. Josie says :

    Your run sounds great. Good job on the speediness!

    I studied international business at uni. Whilst I would love some of your baked goods, I don’t think my political knowledge is up to scratch. I can tell you about the law of comparative advantage though i.e. why we don’t all grow rice etc. ah well! 🙂

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