Tuesday Blues Day

I’m a regular Dr. Seuss, aren’t I?

(BTW: Did you know Dr. Seuss’ real name was Theodore Geisel?)

So today has been kind of a blues-y day. And not in a Duke Ellington kind of way but in a, “I feel blue” kind of way. Those days happen. Arabic exams come back with sad low numbers in big red writing on the front. Runs go slowly, running buddies bail. Hip flexors hurt. Knees hurt. The tidal wave of homework crashes down and destroys any attempts at sleep/social life. Not that these things happened to me today or anything.

Since you probably don’t want to hear me complain, heres a brief update on my run for today: I headed out the door around 4:45 to BEAUTIFUL PERFECT running weather. Sunny, slight breeze, about 55 degrees. (There I go rhyming again).

My run was definitely more natural than Sundays, when I felt slow-pokey and stiff, though there were a lot of aches and twinges along the way. About 1/2 a mile in I rang in the unofficial start of the warm weather running season by swallowing my first bug of the year. (D.C. is basically built on a swamp. There will be more to come, sadly.) It took about a mile to warm up but soon I got my pace down under 10:00 min/miles, which felt good.

I have to say, this whole Garmin thing is super cool. I love being able to see my splits for each mile, because it reminds me “Oh yeah, I felt really good there” or “Yeah, that was where my knee started to ache.” Even so, I can definitely still feel lots of tightness leftover from the marathon that’ll need to be worked out. I guess I didn’t really realize what a toll that kind of race takes on your body. In spite of the achey-ness, this run definitely felt good and helped me clear a bit of the blues-y gunk out of my head. For the rest, I ate a few (or more than a few) squares of this stuff:

I love Green and Black. Especially their dark chocolate. Because what a run can’t heal, chocolate always can. Right?

How do you deal with a blues-y day? Do you like dark, milk or white chocolate best?


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About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

One response to “Tuesday Blues Day”

  1. Josie says :

    You’re learning arabic? That must be really hard!

    I prefer milk chocolate and I definitely believe it has curing powers that work even stronger than a run sometimes. Sorry to hear you are/were feeling kind of blue- take it easy! 🙂 Relax with some choccy and an easy run and you’ll feel better soon 🙂

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