The Good, the Bad and the Crazy

THE GOOD: I went for my first real live run today! WITH MY FANCY NEW GARMIN!

Things just got real high tech in the world of college girl on the run. I went from painstakingly plotting out my runs at (it was nice working with ya!) to getting all the data I could possibly want about my run at the push of a couple of buttons.


I mean, those splits kind of speak for themselves (except not really, because I got kinda confused about the buttons and kept pressing new lap when I didn’t mean to. So just ignore splits 3 and 6). Less than 4 miles in 42 minutes is not my fastest running, so not really the way I’d want to inaugurate the watch that I hope will eventually make me a better and faster runner. But I think I didn’t really realize what a toll the marathon took on my body. Even though most of the aches and pains from the marathon have disappeared from my every day life, they popped right back up again after a mile or so of running. My rights hip hurts a bit and so does my left knee. I’ve been yoga-ing, icing, and all that jazz for most of the afternoon. I know that with time the tightness and soreness will go away, but the trouble is that I don’t really want to wait. That marathon lit some kind of fire under me, because I definitely want to be running now more than ever. I want to get faster and I want to run more miles per week and even though my body has slowed down a lot my brain is working at warp speed planning out how I’m going to make that happen.

THE CRAZY: Continuing in that vein, I can’t not have goals! I can’t not be training! I realized this today when I thought about the fact that I’ve been training for one race or another since last summer. I started prepping for my the Baltimore Half Marathon in August, and after that jumped straight into marathon training. But now I have nowhere to go. After the marathon, I had nothing planned. So now, in my downtime since the race, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the rest of the year and for the future in general. You know, because I’m crazy and need to plot out my entire life. (You should see the level of detail in my iCalendar. I’m obsessed with that thing.) So here they are:

1. Run a sub 24 minute 5K – This is a minute and 45 seconds off my current PR, but it’s also been almost a year since I’ve run a 5K and I know I’ve definitely gotten faster. Though I haven’t done any kind of real speed work since December, so… yeah. I have to work on that one. But I’ve got a watch and a track and no 20-mile runs to be saving energy for, so lets get to it! I am going to have about a month at home before I go abroad this summer, so I’m hoping to fit at least a couple of 5Ks in there.

2. Run a 10K. I’ve never done this before! Since 6 miles is about the length of my standard weekday run, and is probably one of my favorite distances to be running, I think I’m gonna like this one. I’m all signed up and ready to go for the NY Mini 10K in June and I’m pretty excited! It’ll also be my first race in Central Park. (It’s a trek from Brooklyn! Especially for races, which tend to start on the early side.)

3. Run a 1:45 half marathon before the end of the year. This would require another big PR on my part, since it’s about 9 minutes off my current time. But I think that I’ve gotten to the point in my running where I’m not just content to simply run. I want to be fast. The idea of speed work excites me and I think that with training and hard work, a 1:45 half marathon is definitely in the realm of possibility. At the very least a sub 1:50. Either way, I’m definitely planning on running some kind of half this fall. I just have to figure out which one. Any suggestions in the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic region? I’m up for pretty much anything!

4. Run the NYC marathon. This is not happening this year. Or even next year, unless by some miracle I luck out and win the lottery. But my mom recently signed herself and myself up for a NYRR family membership, and I think that next year I want to try and do the 9+1 program to get myself a guaranteed entry for NYC 2014. If I’m lucky, I’ll even get my mom to do it with me! When I pitched the idea to her today, she shot it down immediately. But I’m going to keep working on it. I grew up watching the NYC Marathon every year. It was always so exciting and exhilarating, standing along 4th avenue cheering on runners, looking out for people we knew. Even before I started running, I knew that one day I wanted to be in that crowd of runners, racing through my city that I love so much, hearing my friends and neighbors and fellow New Yorkers cheering for me and 40,000 others. To run that race, especially to run it with my mom, would be the best ever.

5. Qualify for (and run!) the Boston Marathon. This one’s gonna take a while, that’s for sure. But I know that one day I can make it happen.

Alright, I think that’s enough for now! Congratulations if you actually made it through this entire post. What were the good, bad and crazy parts of your day? What are your goals for the near (and distant!) future!   


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