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First things first, lets just pretend I’m not posting this at 1:30 in the morning. A college kid’s schedule is rough, what can I say? The advantage is, of course, that I’m basically having a 4-year-long slumber party with homework. It’s a trade off.

Now that’s out of the way, on to running news and my traditional Tuesday list of some of my favorite places on the interwebs.

I know that I didn’t sound too cheerful in my last post, but thankfully things have been looking up since then! I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of my never ending cold, the weather has improved (50 degrees! I ran in shorts today! Yippee!), and I met with my former editor (whom I really admire and am just a little bit scared of) from the newspaper today and she told me I’m doing a great job.

I also had a GREAT run today with one of my buddies K- from the paper. We had an awesome time running 7.3 miles in the sunny, warm weather around the National Mall and Tidal Basin.

One of the best parts of the run came as we were running past the FDR memorial. We came across a huge flock of geese parked right in the middle of the path, and because I’m a total wimp and the epitome of a city kid who’s scared of nature, I confided in K- that I am afraid of large birds and was kind of scared to run through them. She didn’t say anything, but instead just started running at the birds, flapping her arms and yelling at them to get out of the way so I could go through. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me while on a run.

Scary goose. Not really. But kind of. Look, their beaks are really big and their wings could actually hurt you, okay?

Another great thing about today? It’s Best of the Web Tuesday, meaning that I can share with you all the internet things that are making me happy and sucking my time away from things I should be doing, like Economics reading.

1. Hello Giggles: This website is the project of a few of my favorite people who I don’t actually know, including Zooey Deschanel (!) and it’s an awesome black hole for the 30 minute break in between classes during which you could be reviewing Arabic vocabulary but instead want to look at pictures of adorable animals.

2. Dear Scarlet: I discovered this website a few days ago while perusing Hello Giggles and I am in love with it. This little girl is so cute and the love her parents show for her through their posts is heartbreaking. I like to think that one day she’ll be able to look back at this website and it’ll make her smile to think about the person she used to be, and how much joy she made.

That’s all for today! I hope that you’re all asleep by now and won’t read this till tomorrow. 🙂

What cheers you up after you’ve been feeling down? What’s the nicest thing anyone ever did for you on a run? Are you a procrastinator?


About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

5 responses to “Best of the Web”

  1. Kelly says :

    I’m so petrified of geese too! They can attack! that’s hilarious what your friend did. spending time with my favorite people usually cheers me up 🙂 glad you’re feeling better!

  2. Smore says :

    Oh my gosh the Dear Scarlett website is too cute! Looove it!

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