Back to Business and Best of the Web

Well, the holidays are over and it’s back to business as usual (kind of) for the remainder of break. It’s going to be a busy 13 days, between all of the work I need to get done before school starts, friends who are visiting, and runs I need to fit in.

My runs the past week have been pretty blah. My legs have been feeling kinda tight and tired and my head just isn’t really into it (maybe because my brains and body are still reeling from the clouds of sugar forced into them last week… maybe.) This morning was my first run in a while where I’ve felt really good. My mom dragged me out of bed at 5:45 a.m. to do two loops of Prospect Park with her (about 7 miles). I hated her for about 10 minutes as I got dressed but it was actually really fun to be out so early once we got going. The sky slowly changed from pitch black to gray to blue streaked with pink and gold, and ย it was cool to see how different the park looked from our first loop in the dark to the second loop during sunrise.ย As if that weren’t enough, we also went to the Y afterwards to lift weights. It wasn’t nearly as fun as the run, but I’m glad I went. It made me appreciate eating breakfast while reading the newspaper all the more.

In the spirit of going back to business, here’s my best of the web post for today:

1. Map My Run: This is the website I use to track all of my running. I don’t have a garmin or any way of tracking how far I run on a given day, but I love coming home to map out my run and see how far I went. It’s also really satisfying to see how the miles add up at the end of the month. I’ve run 137 miles so far this month, and I’m shooting for over 150 by the 31st (I’ve got a 16 miler planned for Thursday so that shouldn’t be too hard). I think in January I might hit 200, depending on how marathon training goes!

Hmm. Looking at this I think I might have forgotten to log a few workouts. I almost always run 5 days a week, so its weird that there are so many weeks with 4. Oops!

2. Joy the Baker: Before I started reading running blogs, I was obsessed with baking blogs. I still am! (My parents gave me a spatula, a slotted spoon, a microplane and a muffin tin last night for Hannukah, so clearly I’m that kind of girl.) Joy the Baker was the first blog I read. She is so funny and has such beautiful pictures of all the delicious foods she makes. She also has two awesome and hilarious podcasts that I often listen to when I’m running!

Honorary mention: My school’s online course listings. Unfortunately, that’s not a whole lot of fun for anyone besides me, since only students at my college can access the website. I’m in the process of declaring my major (eek!) and part of the application is to draw up proposed schedule for the classes you want to take for the remainder of your semesters at college. It’s so much fun! There are so many courses I want to take, from the history of women in athletics to a seminar on North African politics to an English class about Oscar Wilde. The only problem is that the registrar’s website is like a black hole for nerds – I could spend hours searching different department’s websites.

How are you recovering from the holidays? Do you like waking up early? What was your favorite class that you took while in college (or if you’re still in school, what’s your favorite class that you’re taking now?)



About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

2 responses to “Back to Business and Best of the Web”

  1. Kelly says :

    I love waking up early, what can I say. Im a huge morning person. I wish I could drag my mom out for any amount of miles! You’re lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. triathletestrials says :

    Way to get up and get your workout on over break ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though it is hard to pull myself out of bed, I do really enjoy morning workouts. I like the quiet and getting to see the sunrise. Enjoy mapping out your college classes. The history of womens sports sounds like a good time ๐Ÿ™‚

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