Aaaaand, We’re Back!

You know how TV shows stop running new episodes over Christmas and New Years? Well, consider finals week my yearly winter hiatus from blogging. It was a rough one, but after writing four papers (one of them in Arabic!) and taking two finals, I am ready to revel in my 3 weeks of freedom before school starts up again! Now, what will that entail?

1. LONG RUNS like the one I did Saturday. Whew! It was 18 miles (a new personal distance record) and took me across two bridges and all around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. I didn’t have my phone so sadly there are no pictures, but some of the highlights included crossing the Manhattan Bridge, where I had an awesome view of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor, running in East River Park (I’d never been there before and it’s so cool!) and finding out that I did have some energy left in the tank when I sprinted up the hill back to my house because I really needed to go the bathroom. The downside? 18 miles is a looong way and basically starting from when I crossed back over the Brooklyn Bridge to when I finished I felt like my legs were going to give out on me at any minute. My hips, knees, and ankles all alternated screaming the loudest for my death. And I felt pretty stiff during my recovery run yesterday. I know I’ve got a while to train, but I’m feeling a little nervous about how I’m going to feel at mile 18 of my marathon.

2. LOTS OF BAKING – So far I’ve made pumpkin chocolate chip cake and iced sugar cookies. Today I’m planning on tackling these cranberry pistachio biscotti that I found on tastespotting. Except I’m going to one up them by dipping them in white chocolate! Normally I’m more of a dark chocolate girl, but everything is improved by the addition of chocolate of any variety, and I think the white will look pretty with the green and red of the pistachios and the cranberries.

3. AWESOME CLASSES AT THE YMCA – This morning I went to a “total body conditioning class” with my mom. My abs are going to be crying for the next three days, but it felt really good lift weights and do squats and crunches and have upbeat music playing. I don’t usually have time  make time to go to strengthening classes during the school year. Hopefully I’ll get hooked enough during this break that I’ll be motivated to give some fitness classes other than yoga a try when I get back to school.

4. HANGING OUT IN MY FAVORITE CITY – I didn’t have nearly enough time over Thanksgiving to visit all my favorite places in New York, and I plan on taking full advantage of this city during the next 3 weeks that I’m here. Some places on my “to visit” list are the new Islamic art wing at the Met, Union Square, the crazy christmas lights in Dyker Heights, the Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg, the store windows on 5th avenue, and a gazillion other places!

Thats all for now, but I’d like to hear from you! What are your favorite activities to do when you go home? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Do you take a lot of group fitness classes? If you’re a New Yorker  — is there any place I should make sure I visit before the end of break?



About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

4 responses to “Aaaaand, We’re Back!”

  1. Kelly says :

    congrats on being done! What a great feeling. And I can’t imagine a better place for some time off 🙂 Nice run! When I go to see fam in my hometown, I do a whole ‘lotta nothing. It’s nice for a few days but then I’m antsy to get back to NYC!

  2. triathletestrials says :

    Congrats on being done for the semester! I just finished up for the semester last Friday and am enjoying my last Christmas break EVER! I graduate in May. Baking has definitely been a staple of my Christmas break so far. My sister and I experimented with making cake balls. The first few were a disaster but we prefected it by the end :).

    I have gotten more into group exercising this past semester. I really got into barre classes. Good total body workout if you are ever looking to try something new :). Keep enjoying your break!

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