The Life of a College Girl on the Run

Does it ever feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day to do all the things that need to get done? I feel like I’ve spent every minute of the past two days jumping from one task to the next. All extraneous activity has been filtered out of my daily routine. Showering? Thats for sissies! Sitting at a table to eat? Why bother when toast is so portable? The million dollar question on my mind is why I really need 8 hours of sleep to function. Whose idea was it that people should spend 1/3 of their days sleeping? Clearly they didn’t have any finals to study for or term papers to write.

I should be a giraffe. Apparently they sleep the least of any mammal — only 4.5 hours a day! Though that sleeping position looks pretty uncomfortable…

On the running front things have been pretty laid back since my uber long city run. I took the day off on Saturday to go to yoga, did a speedy 7.5 miles with my mom in Prospect Park on Sunday morning, a SLOW 6 miler around the Tidal Basin yesterday afternoon, and a rainy but fun run with one of my best running buddies N- this morning.

Guess how many times I’ve showered in those four days? Actually, dont.

I’ve used up my 15 minutes of allotted blogging time (at least 7 of which were spent looking at pictures of sleeping giraffes…) so that’s it for now!


About sarahk48

I'm an aspiring journalist and an avid runner racing (and reading, and baking, and occasionally studying) her way through college. This blog is a record of my marathon training, cooking creations, and general thoughts on the state of the universe.

2 responses to “The Life of a College Girl on the Run”

  1. Kelly says :

    cherish your college days, my friend. That’s all 🙂

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